Brush Effects PSP8

Brush Effects

In this tutorial I will show you what great effects can be made by using the paintbrush presets in PSP8

In PSP add a new canvas

500 x 500

click on the brush tool
Now in the toolbar you will see 'presets'and there is an arrow next to it, you need to click on the arrow
You will now see that a window has dropped down
and gives you lots and lots of effects
Click on the 'Instant City' for this tutorial then click OK.
Go to your colour pallet and choose two different
colours see below I have chosen blue and pink.

Now on your canvas hold down your left mouse and swirl
about on the canvas adding the shapes

Once you have the arrangement you want you can either
add an effect to it or just add your image and words.
See mine below. There are so many effects in the paintbrush
that the options are limitless.
Go let your imagination and creativity run wild and have fun.

Tutorial By Annie©

Olde Map Tutorial

Open up your PSP
New Canvas
500 x 500
Plugin you will need.
Filters Unlimited 2.0
Flood fill the canvas with cream colour
Go to Effects / Plugins/ Filters Unlimited 2.0
Edges Square/ Square Edge 13
Click OK
Go to Effects/ Artistic Effects/ Coloured Edges
See my settings and choose colour brown
Go to Effects/ Plugins/ Filters Unlimited 2.0
Colour Filters / Sepia
Click OK.
Got to Effects/Texture Effects/ Texture and choose
Granite 01 set at 100. see below.
Thats it!!
Just need to add your treasure map to it!!
Great fun!!
Another unique tutorial by us here at
The PSP Studio
Tutorial By Annie©
Do not copy or alter in any way.
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Banner Tutorial

Open up your PSP
Make a new Canvas
400 x 100
This makes a medium size banner
Flood fill with the colour of your choice
Go to Text Tool and choose the font you want
and the size that will be right for your Text.
Add any text you want on the banner
Also if you want an image on do that now.
Go to Image / Add border
Make sure you use a different colour to your flood fill
Size 8 symmetric

Go to your magic wand and click in the border
then go to your flood fill tool and fill with either
a nice gradient or a pattern.
Whilst the ants are still crawling go to Effects/3-D Effects
Outer Bevel - see below for settings
Add any extra tubes or corners you want and your ©
Save your work.
All done.

Tutorial by Annie©
Page & graphics by Annie©

Floatie Tutorial

Floaties are great and make super tags.
Here is an easy way to make them.
Right click on this floatie and save to your PC
then open it up in Animation Shop
If they are too big just resize to 50%
Now in PSP make a new canvas big enough for your
name or text you want.
Ensure that on the materials pallet the background is null
and on your text set the stroke to 3, see below.
Text size as big as you want it.
Whilst the ants are still moving go to effects/Inner bevel
and choose a bevel to make your text more rounded.
Once that is done right click and copy and paste in
Animation Shop.
Whilst in animation shop, look at how many frames
you floatie has
Mine had 7
So go to your text and duplicate it to the same number of frames.
Now go to the floatie. Edit/Select All right click and copy.
Go into PSP and paste as multiple images
Now back to AS and on your text frames click on Frame 1
and export to PSP.
Click on magic wand and hold down your shift key on your keyboard
and click in all the inside spaces of the text.
Now click on flood fill tool
Go to materials pallet, foreground/ pattern and you will see all
the frames of the floaties. Start with the first number and remember
what you used last. See my first number is 5
now flood fill your text with one click as you have already selected
with your wand.
Once thats done return your text back to AS by clicking on the
cross in the corner (close option)
It will say'Save changes to.... you click No
then it says would you like to update to AS and you click YES.
Back in AS click on frame 2 and export
doing the same thing and filling with next floatie image
remember to ignore the first one that will say current and use
the next number after the first you used.
In mine I first used Image 5 then my second frame I filled with
Image 6
Do this same process until you have filled all your frames.
It really is a quick process once you get used to it and should
only take 5 or 10 mins to make a floatie siggi.
Now you can test it in AS on the tester.
Save as a gif
Or you can add a white or coloured background in AS
if you want too before you save it.
Hope you enjoyed this tut.
Tutorial By Annie

Do not copy or use in another group.

Gradient Tutorial

Have you ever been in the situation where you needed
a special gradient and you just do not have it
or cannot find one? Well now you can make your very
own and they will be unique to you.
Its so easy you will laugh.. and I love a good laugh.
Open up your PSP and click on your colour pallet
on Gradients then click on edit...see below
A box will come up which is the Gradient Editor
This is where we get creative.....
See those ink bottles? Well we can move them
and change colours with them. We can even add bottles by
just clicking underneath to give a more depth of gradient
Everytime you click on a bottle you can change its colour by
clicking on the colour box see below
So now its up to you to make whatever colours in that
gradient you want. Tones and blending as you wish.
Pushing the bottles from side to side. Slide them to
where you want them
Happy with it?
Now to save that gradient for future use
Yes!! you get to name your own gradient!!
Click on NEW
In the next box name your gradient then click OK
Wanna see if its in your list??? just click on Gradients
and the drop down menu and there it is!!!
Easy wasnt it? and such a valuable thing in PSP to be
able to create. Makes your work unique.
Hope you enjoyed my tutorial and if you did
why not tell others about the group.
Any questions just ask at the help desk.

This tutorial was written by
It must not be copied or used elsewhere without
my permission.
You may print off the tutorial for your own use.
Copyright 2007©

Blinkie Tutorial

In this tutorial I am going to show you a really easy
way to make a blinkie.
Open up a canvas 400 x 400 Transparent.
Set your colours on the material pallet.
Foreground for the colour of your choice
and background White.
Click on your preset tool and choose the rectangle.
Settings below.
Line style solid and line width 2.0
Okay drag out a rectangle to the size you want your blinkie
to be.
Now right click on that Vector layer and convert to Raster
Do the same again making another box inside it
and then again covert to Raster Layer
It should look like this
Go to Layers and merge visible
Right click on the box and copy then Paste into Animation Shop
Right click on the box in AS and duplicate
Right Click on Frame one and export to PSP
Now go to View/ Change grid guide properties
and when the box comes up use my settings or alter to suit
your blinkie if its smaller.
Now go back to VIEW / GRID
You will now have a lot of little grey boxes
Use your mover tool and place the blinkie box where the
grid can help you place the dots.
This is were your grid change settings come in.Dont be
afraid to click on it and change them. Play around with it.
Now click on your paintbrush and choose the square.
and a colour you want and the size to suit your boxes.
I used size 12
Now starting in the first square click in every other box
and go all the way around.
Click on the X to return it to Animation shop
and when its back click on frame 2 and export
that to PSP and dot alternately in every other square.
Return again to AS when done and your blinkie is
Click on the animation tester and if its too fast, go
to edit/Select all and right click and go to
Frame properties and increase the number to 15 or more.
Easy isnt it?
Hope you had fun.
Remember the more you do it the better you will get!!!
Make them as big or as small as you want!!

Tutorial by Annie

Super Blade Pro Tut

Flaming Pear / Super Blade Pro
Its a fantastic plugin fur using in your
Paint Shop Pro.
Gives fantastic colours and textures to your Text and Frames
or anything you want to make with it.
Click Here to buy or try the free Trial Download HERE
Once its in your plugins here is how to use it.
New canvas 500 x 500 transparent.
Click on your Text tool and choose a fat font.
Create as Floating and not Vector
I used Bellbottom
Keep the ants crawling and dont de select
we need the text activated for the SBP
Got to Effects/Plugins/Flaming Pear/SBP
See below what to click on next to find the textures
Also the boxes you see below with arrows can also
do the same thing. You can change the environment
and the colour texture
Choose a texture. If it asks you to find the file click
Yes and find the one you want then click OK
If you want different finishes to your SBP then click on the
bos shown below with arrow, this shows all the
different effects from smooth to different fibres.
Main thing is don't be afraid to play around with different settings
You will now have your SBP Text done!!
If you want to do a frame then go to Image/Add Border
Use any width you want for your frame.
Click on the magic wand and click on frame
keep ants moving keep selected.
Go to your plugins and choose SBP again and find the
SBP texture you want.
Click ok and de select and thats it!!!
Any questions just ask at the help desk.
Here it shows you the Text and Frame with SBP
Tutorial by Annie©