Adding an overlay to a Picture

Adding an overlay to a Picture

Open your PSP and then go to File / Open and find your picture to
open in PSP.

Now find your overlay and open that too.

On your overlay. Right click and Copy
Go now to your picture and right click on it and Paste as a New layer
You will find that your overlay may be bigger than your picture and you need to resize it.

Go to Image / Resize.
Then a resize box will appear. Select a smaller size say 25%
and ensure that the box is unchecked to resize all layers as you only
need to resize the one layer.

now you will find it is smaller and you are able to manipulate it with
the deform tool. so click on that.
hold on to one corner of the little red boxes by left click and drag inwards 
Once you have it the right size use the mover tool to move it into place.

If you want to add anything else like sparkles then go to Layers/Add new raster layer

Once your image is all okay then go to Layers/ Merge/Flatten
Then go to File / Save As
and save as a png or JPEG whichever you need.

Thats it you are finished.

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