Downloading New Fonts

Adding Fonts

When you start using PSP, one of the main things you find you need is an assortment of Fonts. Here I will show you how to store them.
Before you download any Fonts at all you need to make a new folder for them to go into.
Right click on 'My Computer' then click on Explore 
Then click on My Documents, go to File /New /Folder 
Name the folder 'My Fonts' or whatever you wish.
Now you have a folder to download them into.
Find a good Font Site
I usually got to and type in Free Fonts
and a host of sites come up for you to look in. Be careful as some
have harmful viruses in.
Always scan
Most Fonts come in Zip format
Choose to 'Save' 
then find your font folder and save to it
Once its in your folder you need to unzip it. Whether you use Winzip
or another one, do that now and unzip it to that same folder. You can always
delete the zip file out later if you wish.
Once its in the folder you now have 2 choices for use. 1)Either you keep it in the folder and use whenever you need it or 2)you put it directly into your Fonts File in your System.
(First Option.1)
My preferred way of using Fonts, as they say if you add too many to your
Windows Fonts the PSP can crash.I dont take that chance.
Whilst Explore is still open you can find your font in there in your Fonts folder
click on the folder and your font will show in the right hand column. See below 
Double click on the Font you want to use and it will come up like this 
Now minimise it by clicking in the corner see below 
It will now sit at the bottom of your screen like below 
Open up your PSP8 and make a new canvas and when you come to use your Text Tool
the Font you have in your tray will show in the fonts selection 
Thats it.



If you cannot be bothered with that and you want some in there permanently then they need to go in the permanent folder in your Windows Font File.
Once its unzipped again go into your folder and see it on the right hand side.
Whilst that is still showing scroll down on the left until you find where your Windows Fonts are stored and you are going to drag that font on the right into the file on the left by holding
down your right click on your mouse and dragging across until it highlights the file.
See below how I have dragged the ttf font into that Font File. 
Thats in then it will show in PSP and anything else you use.
Hope that has explained it clearly for you.
Any questions please post a message on the Help Desk and we will
be happy to help.
Font hunting is fun and addictive!!! You just cannot have enough Fonts!!!

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