Lesson 10 - Drinking Tutorial

For this tutorial you will need to either make your own
props or choose a tube from our safetubes.

For this tutorial I have used a glass I made with vectors
and if you wish to use that you can download it
Open up the image in PSP

Layer New raster layer

put magic wand in the glass then flood fill with drink colour.

Go to Adjust Noise add noise and set it at about 20
(this is to make drink look fizzy)

Go to Layers and Merge Visible

Save as psp image 'Drink1' in your work in progress folder

undo back to before noise.

back to the glass and click on eraser tool and erase a layer
of the drink to reduce it down the make it look like
its being drunk. Add more noise at 25 (be sure you are on the fill

New Layer and paint some of the drink up the straw then go to layer and reduce opacity
to 52

Merge Layers Visible and save as psp image 'Drink 2'

back to glass and undo again to before the noise.Reduce more drink
Add noise at 30 . New Layer and add more drink up the straw
reducing opacity to 52 again.
Merge Layers visible and save as psp image Drinks 3

Undo again and reduce more and follow above except
Add noise of 35

Save as drinks 4

Go to Animation Shop /File/Animation Wizard
Go through the wizard and add your images in the usual way.

Any questions please ask at our help desk
You may link to this tutorial with the my permission.
Do not copy or use elsewhere.
Tutorial By Annie©

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