Lesson 11 - Sparkle Tutorial


I think everyone loves to be able to have
sparkles on their tags sometimes and in this
tutorial I will show you how easy it is.

You will need to download the VM Natural plugin
Its worth downloading all the VM range as there
are some great filters in there.
But for now we just want the VM Natural as that
contains the Sparkles!!!

Add it to your plugin section in the usual way.

In PSP open a new canvas 500 x 500 transparent.

Find a nice tube, I used one of my own tubes
 or if you just want text then do that now
add them to your canvas. Ensure on the Layer Pallet
you just have one layer. If not then merge visible.

Crop your image

Ok all ready to add those sparkles.

Go to Effects/Plugins/VM Natural/Sparkles
The box will come up and you need to have the same settings
as below by using the sliders.Then click OK
In the view window you can see your sparkles and if
not them move the Max size higher until you do.
You will learn that different size images require different size
sparkles. Its all trial and error.
I am the Mistress of the UNDO tool!! lol
Your sparkles should be visible now.

Go to file save as psp image in your work in progress folder
name it Sparkle 1

now go back and undo

Back to effects and your sparkle plugin
now set your Max size at 15
and your seed at 18

Save as psp image -  Sparkle2

same again, undo it
now plugin again and set the size at 14
and the seed at 25

Save as psp image  - Sparkle3

OK, now just the same as in the previos lesson
we go into Animation Shop.
File / Jasc/Launch Animation Shop

Click on File/Animation Wizard and keep going through
clicking NEXt until you get to the section to add images
find each one in turn Sparkle 1 / 2 / and then 3 and keep
doing next until Finish.

click on the animation test and see it sparkle!!!

You can now save it as a GIF or.....

If you added a drop shadow to your image then it needs to be
on a solid background so back into PSP8 and do new canvas
and flood fill with the colour of your choice. I did white
then I added Noise. Adjust/Add/remove Noise/Add Noise.
or you can do a texture to your canvas in effects/Texture Effects

Once you have what you want copy and paste it into Animation Shop.

click on the duplicate tool twice
this gives you 3 frames.

Go to your sparkle image and click on it.
Go to Edit / Select All
Right click on sparkle image and click on COPY

back to background and click on it.
Edit/Select All  right click on background and
Paste Into Selected Frame
Place it where you want it.

Crop around your image with the crop tool
and save as GIF.
Keep doing NEXT through the wizard until its finished.

Well, you have come a long way since you first started doing
Beginner Lessons and you should be very proud of
ou may link to this tutorial but you must not copy it.

You may print it off to use if you wish.

Tutorial By Annie©

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