Lesson 2 - Feather an Image

Sometimes when you have a picture and you just want
a special part of it and want a misted look to the outside
of it, its called 'Feathering'
In this tutorial I will show you how that is done.
Open the image you want to work on, or if you just
want to practice on my platter of fruit then save the image below
to your PC and open in PSP.
Go to your selection tool which is in the fly-out
of the magic wand tool. Clcik on selection
In selection type choose the ellipse.
See settings below.
now drag out an oval around the fruit or your selected image
you will see the ants crawling
leave them crawling and go to Selections /Modify/Feather
Copy my settings - The feather amount determines
how far outside and inside you feather.
Click OK when done now right click and copy
Thats your image feathered.
You now need to add it to a solid background
New canvas 500 x 500
Flood fill with background colour of your choice
and paste as new layer on that background the feathered
image you just copied.
Layers Merge/Merge Flatten
Crop around the image and add a border or frame
of your choice.
Save as JPEG.
All done!!
Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial

Tutorial By Annie©

Tutorial by Annie

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