Lesson 5 - Make A Box

Open up your PSP and make a new canvas
500 x 500
Flood fill with a colour of your choice.
Now add an image in the middle
Go to Effects/Plugins and choose Visroz Box
copy my setting
You will now have a box on your page.Right click on it and copy
and paste as a new Image and go back to first image
and UNDO.
Go back to Effects/Plugin /Vizros
and use these settings to make a lid

Right click and copy and go to the duplicate image
and paste as new layer.move into place with mover tool
Click on deform toolimage

now using the nodes on the vector drag out the lid until
it fits the top of the box

Once thats right go to Effects/3 D Effects Drop Shadow.
Go to Layers Merge/Merge Visible.
Thats your box made. Now to decorate it.
you can either add a bow and use your defom tool to
turn it into place.
Or if you want your name on, click on the pen toolimage
and on the setting use point to point
now click on either side of the top of your lid and then
click on your text tool and hover over the vector line until
you get the little arc then type your name
Right click on Vector layer and delete. To get rid of line.
to drop shadow then Merge Visible.Here is how it should
look when its done.
Hope you have enjoyed your first plugin lesson
we look forward to seeing your finished work.
Any questions please ask at our help desk

Tutorial By Annie©

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