Lesson 8 - Neon Sign

This is a nice tutorial where you can make a
Neon sign of your name or banner
Its so very easy too.
You will need EyeCandy4000
scroll down to Eyecandy4
Add your plugin in the usual way.
New canvas 400 x 400
Text tool type whatever text you want in your sign
in a large size.
I used Ariel Black size 30

Go to Effects/Plugins
Eyecandy4000 /Gradient Glow
Click on the COLOUR tab and choose Flourescent Tubing
Then click OK
You may find that the finished thing looks good
on a black background.
Open a new canvas. Flood fill with black
then copy and paste your neon sign onto that.
Crop it and save.

Now if you really want to mess about
you can click on the little colour squares and change
the colours around. Just remember to leave the white ones white

Here is mine in Red
Hope you had fun!!!

You may link to this tutorial but you must not copy it.

You may print it off to use if you wish.
Any questions please ask at our help desk

Tutorial By Annie©

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