Selection Tutorials Help

Working with Selections

First when you find a tutorial that uses selections they always
give you a file to download.
I have a special folder in 'my documents' title 'selections'
and I unzip to this if the selections contains other things like
patterns, colours, faces etc.
All the other things need to go into your selections folder in your PSP 
Now it is important when doing a selections tut to follow instructions carefully
and to name your layers as you go along.
To name your layer you right click on the layer and then click on rename 
Now to get on with the tutorial.

It will tell you to start a new layer and name it and the place to name it
is as below shows and be sure to name all your layers.
Now it will tell you to go to selections and load from disk 
The next box is where you will find the selections all names in alphabetical order
so click on the one you want and it will appear on your canvas. 
then to flood fill that selection
Sometimes it asks you to shut off a layer and to do that you click on the eye next to
that layer. remember to click back on the top layer to merge visible. 
Selection tutorials vary but the above gives you the basics.

If the first one asks you to flood fill and it does not seem to do it no matter how many times you click its probably because the first one is the outline. Go to your paintbrush or airbrush and set on a large size then colour all over and then select none. You will then see the outline colored. Its easier than trying to flood fill.

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