Snowglobe Tutorial

Open up your PSP
New Canvas 500 x 500
Have a nice Xmas tube and your globe
tube ready.
Glass globe is in our tube share
Check out our share links for globe supplies.
or click below
On your canvas flood fill with a colour
New layer add your tube
New Layer add your globe. If your tube
is too big resize that layer until it fits
inside the globe.
Layers Merge/Visible.
Go to your Selection tool and choose
the ellipse
Now drag out a circle to surround the globe
Right click and copy
New canvas and paste as new layer
Now you need to add a base and text
to your globe.
When finished right click and copy.
Open up Animation Shop and paste as new image.
Duplicate twice to make 3 frames.
Click on Frame 1. Right click and export to
Click on paintbrush. size 2 or 3 in white
colour and add dots in the globe
Return it to AS
Do the same with Frames 2 and 3 by
putting dots in other places
check your animation and if you are happy
with it, crop and save as a gif.
You can also use sparkles if you prefer.
Also you can use the VDL Adreneline Snowflakes
plugin and here are the settings. Just adjust the seed quantity
on each frame.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial

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