Using Text and numbers and saving as PNG

Open Up Your PSP

Create a New Canvas.  File / New and set to the size you require.
This is my setting for this tutorial then click OK
On your colour pallet choose the colour you want. I am using Black.
in the bottom box (background.)
Now you need to click on the Text Tool
Once you click on the text tool you will see your settings. Here you can choose what size you want it
and what font you want to use and also to either create as 'floating' or as vector.
I am using floating. see my settings. Also notice the 'stroke width' set this to 0.0 as when you
add numbers like 1.0 it adds another colour around the edge of your letter/number.
Once you start to type a box will come up. Type in what text or number etc you want. then click apply.

Now your letters or number have the ants crawling around them.
Click on your mover tool and place your words/numbers where you want them on your canvas.
Now you need to get rid of the ants so go to Selections / Select None.
Now to save what you did.

Go to file / Save As /choose png then save to your own folder.

Thats it!!

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