Adding Fonts and Using them

If you go into your C Drive/Windows folder/Fonts just delete any you don't want in it if you have some in there you dont want.Or transfer to a new Folder in My Documents...see below.
Go to My Documents and make a new Folder name it.. 'My Fonts'. Add any fonts you want in there. Even create sub folders within it if you want for say. Dingbats, Fat Fonts, Decorative Fonts, Holiday Fonts etc etc. Just keeps it neater.
Now when you want to use one, just open your folder and double click on the font you want and it will come up in a box of its own. Just minimize it and when you look in your PSP Fonts it will appear until you click it off.
Any you download unzip into that folder. Download a font zip to your desktop so you can delete it after you have unzipped it to your folder.

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