Animation Wizard Settings

The settings that come with PSP are not always the correct ones. So below I will show you how to set your wizard settings and retain them.

Open new canvas in Animation Shop.

Draw anything on its just for setting and you can delete from your file later.

1. Now go to file / Animation Wizard
2. File --> Optimization Wizard
3. Window 1 - check Animated GIF file and check create a new animation from optimized animation
4. Window 2 - Customize Button - Colors Tab --> check Optimized Median Cut and check Error Diffusion - Optimzations NOTHING CHECKED --> Patial Transparency Tab - check Convert pixels less then enter 40 and check yes blend with and enter white. this one can change depending on what you are doing and as to what you want your blend color to be, but for now you want it white.
5. Window 3 - Next
6. Window 4 - Next
7. Window 5 - Next
8. Window 6 - Finish
Now they are set and you can delete the image from your file.

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