Christmas Bauble Tutorial

Open up your PSP
New Canvas
500 x 500
You will need the following
Glass Globe (Ask Annie)
Hook (ask Annie)
Lots of Xmas tubes out there too
try HERE

Flood Fill your canvas with
the colour of your choice
Now add your christmas tube image.
size: 75 approx
Go to Layers/Add New raster layer

Back to tube folder and find the globe
size again about 80
(you will need to play around until
it looks right for you.
Click over the image to place your globe
and use your mover tool to set it right.

Go to Layers / Layers Merge Visible.

Click on selection tool
Choose ellipse
settings 'Feather 0'
and antialias checked.

Go to centre of globe and create
a circle around the globe
and whilst the ants are still
moving click once in centre of globe.
Go to Selections / Invert
Now hit the delete button on your
keyboard. This gets rid of the outer
background and just leaves your globe.
Go to Selections / Select None.

Add a new Raster Layer
back to Tubes folder and find
the bauble hook.
Place it over the bauble using
the mover tool to get it right.
Go to Layers/Layers Merge/Visible
Now crop your bauble.

Right click on bauble and copy.

Open up Animation Shop
Right click and paste as New Animation.
Right click on bauble and 'duplicate'
twice to make 3 frames.
Click on first frame, right click
and click on
Export Frames to PSP
Click on your Paintbrush tool
settings as below
Choosing the colour WHITE in the Styles

Now sprinkle dots all over the bauble
click in the X to return it to AS
do the same with the other two frames.
now view it in the Animation tester.
If you are happy with it
Save As
and it will take you throught the animation wizard until its saved.
This tutorial was written
Do not copy or take without my permission

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