Constellation Tutorial

Here is a quick and easy way to use the filter
Alien Skin Xenofex2 - Constellation

Open up a new canvas and type your text - any colour

New Raster layer, type text again but this time null the background fill
Set your stroke width to 4 Foreground colour White. Move it over your other text exactly.
Select none.
Go to your effects/plugins/Xenofex Constellation and
copy my settings below
Now Merge layers visible and copy
Go into Animation Shop and paste as new animation.

Back to PSP and 'Undo' till you are back to the white text layer again.
Back to constellation and this time change the Seed at the bottom to 20
Merge visible again and copy and take to Animation Shop and on
your first image right click and paste after current frame

Back to PSP and undo again back to white text layer and this time
do your constellation Seed at 30 and merge layers visible.
Again copy and take into AS and paste after current frame.

All done!!

Check your animation is working as save as a gif.
image missing

Part Two Below to add consellation to a tube

Adding Constellation to a tube or image is slightly more difficult
as you will draw your white line freehand.
On my image I am going to glitter the wings by drawing white lines
to glitter.
Make sure when you have your image open to do a new layer.

Nothing worse than having painstakingly drawn white lines around something
to find you forgot to do it on a new layer!!

see how I have drawn around the feathers below 
 Now go to your plugin filter and be sure to set your seed to 10 and
use my other settings as before or if you like play around with
overall star density etc.

As before merge layers visible and copy and paste in AS after current frame

Back and undo and redo with new seed at 20 repeating the process with seed
at 30 on your third and final frame.

All done.
You can add constellation to anything with either text, vectors or image drawing.

Have fun!!!

Here she is with glittering wings
Here is one done with a vector shape.
see how I have added just white around the flower? 

 Three frames of constellation

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