How To Make A Silhouette from an image

Open Your PSP

Go to file / Open and find your image and double click on it to open it
in PSP

Then right click on layers pallet and promote to background layer
Then click on the magic wand and then click anywhere in the background
as in this picture it is white. I usually set my tolerance to about 25 on my magic wand settings.
Now hit the Delete button on your keyboard.
This makes it a transparent background and you will see the checkerboard
behind your image which means it is transparent now.

Go to Selections and 'select none' to stop the ants from marching.
Now go to Adjust,  / Brightness and Contrast
See my settings below to make your silhouette. Then click OK.
You now have your Silhouette.
Go to file, save as and save as a png

Thats it.

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