Lesson 7 - Outline Text

If you want to add an outline to your text here is the simple way to make it.

Open up PSP and new canvas

Text Tool

Select the size you want and the pattern or colour you want to flood it with.

Type what you need then click OK.

Either leave as is or do inner bevel to it.

Layers/New Raster Layer.

Click on text tool again and this time alter the stroke size to how wide you
want the outline to be.See below
Now click off the background see below

Text is already the same as before so place it over the first text and you will see
that its just the outline and nothing in the middle so your pattern shows through.
Click OK and go to Effects /3-D effects/Inner Bevel and set it to whatever bevel
you want then click OK.

Add your drop shadow if you want one, merge all layers and save.
There are endless variation on what you can do with this, all you need is your imagination and your PSP.

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You may print it off to use if you wish.
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Tutorial By Annie©

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