Lesson 9 - Falling Text

Open up your PSP
New Canvas 600 x 120
Size really does depend on the length of your name
or text you want, so adjust accordingly
Flood fill with the background colour you want.
Choose the colour you want your text to be.
Layer New Raster Layer
Close off your 1st Layer
Click on Text tool 'Floating'
and type your first letter ensure it aligns in a place
you can keep whilst working through the letters.
Click Ok Selections/Select None.
Add drop shadow if you want one.
Unlock base layer
Layers Merge/Merge Visible
File/Save (I have a 'work in progress folder' and it helps
me find the ones I am working on easily'
Save as a psp file name it Ani 1
Undo what you just did so you can see the layers again
but close off the bottom layer again
Layer /New Layer (3)
Place your first letter half way down the canvas and then
type the next letter at the top
Unlock bottom layer then go to Layers Merge/Visible
save as and name it Ani2
Undo it all again so all layers are visible again and lock
the base layer again.
Bring your first latter to the bottom, 2nd letter half way down
and now type your third letter showing at the top.
Remember to keep adding a drop shadow each time if you want one.
Go to Layer pallet and unlock the bottom layer
Layers Merge/Merge Visible and save
as Ani3
Undo again and close off base layer.
Repeat all the processes remembering to pull each letter
further down each time and adding new ones if needed
until all the letters are finally down at the bottom.
Keep saving each one merged visible and remember to unlock the base layer
each time and relock it afterwards.
Once you have saved all the letters falling go to File/Jasc
and open Animation Shop.
Click on File / Animation Wizard
You will then go through the wizard
Box 1 settings then click NEXT
Box 2 Settings - then click NEXT
Box 3 Setting - then click NEXT
Box 4 Setting - then click NEXT
 Box 5 Setting
This is where you add those Ani1 and Ani2 images
Click on Add Image and find your folder
with the images in and add the first one Ani1, then click
on Add Image again and add Ani2 and so on until
all the images are there then click NEXT
 Here you can see how they list.
 Box 6 - Click on Finish
 Now you need to crop around your text if you have excess
go to Edit/Select All and use the crop tool being careful
to keep to the top where the text falls from
Now right click on the image and click on Frame Properties
and choose 25 in the Display time box
the larger the number the slower the animation.

Now click to see your animation in action
If you are happy with it go to File/Save As/Gif
and it will take you through the wizard to save it.
Keep clicking NEXT until its done.
Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial

Tutorial By Annie©

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