Making Tubes

Making tubes is much easier than you think.
Find the image you want to make
into a tube.
Open it up PSP
Make sure its 16million colours
by checking the colour chart.
All colours should be available
if not then
in PSP7 go to Colours / Increase Colour Depth
PSP8 go to Image / Increase Colour Depth
and choose 16 million colours.
You now need to promote the image to layer.
In PSP7 Go to Layers/Right click on layer
and click on Promote to layer.
In PSP8 go to Selections and down to
Promote to Layer.
Now click on the magic wand tool in
the background you want to remove.
Then go to Edit / Clear.
Your image is now on a transparent background.
Go to File / Export / Picture tube.
Name your tube
click OK.
Thats it!! easy wasn't it!
Happy Tube making folks!!
Please remember
never tube copyright material
or artsts material without permission.

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