Gradient Glow Tutorial

Gradient Glow Tutorial
To make text with a glow around it you will need
Eyecandy 4000 / Gradient Glow

Open up a canvas 500 x 300

Choose a font that is bold. I used berthside for this.
use my settings
Now whilst the ants are still active add a pattern or colour
or make it glass effect in eyecandy or just bevel in effects.
I used Super Blade Pro.

Select None.

Now to add the outline.
null out the stroke on your materials and choose the outline
colour you want to use
setting below for text
Now add text again and place over text whilst ants are active
make sure it lines up with your text
Selections/Select None

Go to layers Merge Visible
Plugin Eye candy / Gradient glow
Here is the colour setting / Colour tab
click on the box and choose the colour you want
Now the glow setting / Basic Tab
use my settings
Click OK

You can add a drop shadow now if you want too
Merge layers flatten or add to a tag if you have made one.

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