Brush Effects PSP8

Brush Effects

In this tutorial I will show you what great effects can be made by using the paintbrush presets in PSP8

In PSP add a new canvas

500 x 500

click on the brush tool
Now in the toolbar you will see 'presets'and there is an arrow next to it, you need to click on the arrow
You will now see that a window has dropped down
and gives you lots and lots of effects
Click on the 'Instant City' for this tutorial then click OK.
Go to your colour pallet and choose two different
colours see below I have chosen blue and pink.

Now on your canvas hold down your left mouse and swirl
about on the canvas adding the shapes

Once you have the arrangement you want you can either
add an effect to it or just add your image and words.
See mine below. There are so many effects in the paintbrush
that the options are limitless.
Go let your imagination and creativity run wild and have fun.

Tutorial By Annie©

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