Olde Map Tutorial

Open up your PSP
New Canvas
500 x 500
Plugin you will need.
Filters Unlimited 2.0
Flood fill the canvas with cream colour
Go to Effects / Plugins/ Filters Unlimited 2.0
Edges Square/ Square Edge 13
Click OK
Go to Effects/ Artistic Effects/ Coloured Edges
See my settings and choose colour brown
Go to Effects/ Plugins/ Filters Unlimited 2.0
Colour Filters / Sepia
Click OK.
Got to Effects/Texture Effects/ Texture and choose
Granite 01 set at 100. see below.
Thats it!!
Just need to add your treasure map to it!!
Great fun!!
Another unique tutorial by us here at
The PSP Studio
Tutorial By Annie©
Do not copy or alter in any way.
Do not add to other groups.
You may link to this tutorial only.

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