How To Make A Calendar

This is an easy tutorial on how to make a monthly calendar.

Firstly you need the script click link below and save to your PC

Now when you unzip it, it needs to go into your Trusted Scripts section
in your programme files / Jasc Softwear Inc / Paint Shop Pro / Scripts Trusted
See below
Now open a new canvas 300 x 300 pixels
At this point you can either flood fill with a colour or copy and 'paste into selection'
a picture of your choice.

Now click on the script tool and find Calendar Month
Click on the blue arrow at the side of it and it will take you through a series
of boxes. Fill as required then click  OK
Choose the current year
Font filled - YES
Stroke - No (makes it unreadable unless on very large canvas)
Image leave as it says
Canvas - leave as it says then just keep clicking OK until its finished
then you need to unhide the layer box - see below
You will now be able to see your calendar. Right click and copy
then paste onto your image
Add any tubes or anything you want to do then merge layers.
At this point you can leave as it is or add a picture frame.(Image/Picture Frame)

Remember you can make your calendars as big or small as you like smiley: happy

Have fun!!

Tutorial by Annie May 2013
Please do not copy this tutorial for use in other groups
Thank You

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