How to make a worm

ere is a little tutorial on how to make this cute worm.

Open up your PSP
New Canvas 100 x 100
Go to Preset shape tool and choose the round button

Drag out circle to the size of your canvas.
Layers convert to raster layer. The merge visible.

Go to File / Export / Picture Tube and name it worm.

Now you have the tube in your tubes tool list.

New Canvas 500 x 500 or whatever size you want.

Click on Picture tubes and find your worm
Go to settings and use my settings
Now on your canvas draw your worm.

You can go to Adjust/ Hue/Saturation and colourize any colour you want.

Then you can add eyes and other stuff you want to your worm...
Its your imagination...use it!! hehehe

I made a tube for eyes. I made a black circle and put a white dot in it.
then exported to picture tubes. That way I have eyes whenever I need them.

Have fun!!

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