Lesson 1 - Underwater Tutorial

Please save either of the images below
unless you already have one you want
to work on.

Open them up in Animation Shop
Right click on the image and duplicate
to make 3 frames.
Go to Edit / Select All
Go to Effects / Apply Image Effects
and select 'underwater'.
Click on customise and ensure your settings are same as mine below
Now if you want to add a frame this is the time to do it
as it has to be done after the underwater effect.
Click on the 1st frame and copy it.
Paste into PSP
Image / Add Border
I made mine size 18
choose a colour different to the image
Click inside the border with magic wand
Go to floodfill and fill with colour of your choice
do not deselect
Right click on the border and copy
Go to Animation Shop and paste, then duplicate
to make 3 frames.
At this stage I exported each frame back and added bubbles
from my Eye Candy 3.1 Water Drops each time
changing the seed.
Once you have the frame as you like it, go to your underwater image
Go to Edit/Select All Copy
Back to Frame Edit /Select All/ Paste into selected frame
and position your image in the Border/Frame
Right click on it all and go to Frame Properties and set to 20.
Save your image.

My tutorials are done from experimenting in PSP
Please do not copy this tutorials for use in another group
You may link to the tutorial.

Tutorial By Annie©

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