Lesson 15 - Make A Feather

This takes a little time but well worth the effort.
Open up your PSP
New Canvas 500 x 500 Transparent
Set your Forground to #F7EEDF
and background to #AF977B
Now click on the background colour again and choose
Gradient style sunburst and Foreground/Background
Horizontal and vertical both 50

Click on preset tool and ensure your retain style is not ticked

Drag downwards an oval
Go to Effects / Texture Effects / Blinds
Here is my blinds setting ensure its set at horizontal
Layers / Layers Merge/Merge Visible
Now click on the Warp Brush
ensure your settings are the same as mine
Start near the top and centre and drag down to the bottom.
It may take you a couple of times to get it just right.
See below

Now reset the warp to 75 and push outwards
at the sides to get the design of your feather
From the outside push inwards in different places
and even use the eraser to 'feather' it.
Its at this stage you are getting the right shape.
Just takes time.
Now click on your paintbrush and set colour as the darker
colour F7EEDF
and paint lines upwards
Then go to Adjust/Blur/ Gaussian Blur like my settings
Click on your smudge tool image
Now within the feather smudge those painted lines until they blend
nicely and make a good pattern.
Back to preset tool and drag out again the ellipse to make the
feather spine
Go to Effects/3-D Effects/Inner Bevel

Back to effects/3-D effects/Drop Shadow
Add a nice drop shadow

Layers Merge/Merge Visible.
You can darken your feather by going to Adjust
Brightness/Contrast and set it to -55. Higher the number
the darker it gets. -175 is almost black.
Or like mine below you can go to Adjust/Hue Saturation/Colourise
and make it any colour you want.
Please do not copy this tutorial in any way or use in another

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