Lesson 1 - Watermark

It's important that you always add your watermark
to any work you do. It shows you made the tag
and prevents anyone else claiming it as their own work.
Here we show you how to make it.
This tutorial was done with PSP8 but most versions
have the same tools. If you are unsure please ask
at our help desk.
Open up your PSP
New canvas 400 x 400
click OK
see below
Go to your text tool and choose a font
size 48 or 72
and type your name ensuring that antialias(floating) is checked.
Colour does not matter
Whilst the ants are still crawling, go to your layer pallet
on the right
(If you cannot see your layer pallet go to View /Pallets and click on Layers)
Right click on where it says 'Floating Selection'
see below
Now click delete
This just leaves the outline of your text.
See below.
Now go to Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow
use the settings below then click OK
Go to Selections/Select None
Now you need to crop around your watermark.
So go to crop tool and then drag a square around your text
then click on Crop.(see below)
Now you need to add this to your tubes folder so that it is
always there for you to use quicky.
Go to File /Export/Picture Tube
When this box come up you need to name your tube.This helps
to find it in your tube folder when you need it.
then click OK
Thats it. All Done.
You now have your smart watermark ready to use.
Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial
Tutorial Written By Annie©
Must not be copied or used elsewhere
Thank you

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