Lesson 2 - Making A Tag

I am sure that you have seen some of the
wonderful things made with Paint Shop Pro
and that is why you are sat there now wanting
to learn how to do it!!
First thing is to learn your tools and we would
suggest you go HERE and read about your tools
. We do use screen
shots in the early beginner tutorials to help
you until you know your way around the programme,
as we progress there will be less.
Lets make a tag!!!
Open up your Paint Shop Pro Programme.
You need to start with a new canvas so click on the
white page like below
When your box comes up make the size 225 x 100
Now you need to flood fill that canvas.
Go to your flood fill tool
Choose the colour you want to flood fill with on
your materials pallet (if you cannot see it then go to
View/Pallets and click on Materials.)
Now you have chosen your colour, click on the canvas
with your flood fill tool and fill the canvas.
Now click on your Text Tool
You will see your settings visible at the top
Create as Floating, choose a font you like, and if you
do not have any fancy ones and need fonts read HERE then
continue. Size depends on the Font so gauge that yourself
as thats something you can play with.Stroke width 1.0
Again choose your colours Top box for the outline colour
and the bottom one for the main colour of your text
Click on your canvas and the text box will appear, type your
name in it and click OK and place the text and leave the ants crawling
see below
Go to Effects /3D effects/Drop Shadow
Copy my settings below
Click OK when done
Now go to Selections / Select None
Looking good?
We are now going to add a nice border around your name.
Go to Image/Add borders
When the box appears copy my settings, choosing a colour
that will match your flood fill nicely
Once you get that border around your tag, go back to
Image add border and do it again but change the colour
-any colour as its going to be changed-
and do the setting to size 9
once to you have that, go back to Image add border again and reset
to size 2 and the first colour again.(like a sandwich)
See mine below
Click on your magic Wand
Click in the middle colour like below

Now go to your materials pallet and choose a nice gradient
to blend with your tag. As you click on your flood fill colour
the following box appears and you will see all the
gradients available by clicking on the drop down arrow
see below.
 Click on your Flood fill tool again and fill the border.
Do not de-select yet
Go to Effects/3-D Effects/ Outer Bevel
copy my settings below

 Go to Selections/Select None.
Thats it your tag is finished.
I have added some flowers

 Crop around your tag before you save.
You have now learnt a little more PSP and
what the tools and effects can do.

Tutorial Written By Annie©

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