Lesson 10 - Clone Tool

Clone Tool

Ever had a picture that had something in it
you did not want?
Well the clone tool helps you remove it and replace with what
could be there instead.
Save my picture and open it in PSP
We are going to get rid of 2 boats on the sea
(Pic taken in Angelsey North Wales)
Credit is Annie©
Click on the Clone tool
now right click on the sea next to the boat thats in the middle
to the left - see mine below

Now left click over the boat and see it vanish into sea!!
So its a matter of right clicking on what you want to replace
the object in your picture.Then left clicking over the object to place it.
See my finished pic. I even took out the far left boat and replaced
where the mast was with the fields.

Its so easy isnt it!!!
Hope you enjoyed it.
Now you can save it.

Tutorial By Annie©
~ I did it my way~

Please do not copy this tutorial

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