Lesson 9 - Motion Trail

EyeCandy4000 required for this tutorial.
Open a new canvas 500 x 500
On you materials ensure your top one
is set to null and the bottom one to
a Gradient or colour you want.
Type out your text in a large size.
Any font of your choice.
Deselect (Selections/Select None)
Go to Effects / plugins/EyeCandy4000
Motion Trail
Now add a tube of your choice
Back to Text Tool and undo the null on your
materials colours and use a nice colour for outline
and ensure your setting have the line set to 1.0
Re type the text again and place it over the motion trail
text and whilst the ants are still crawling go back to
EyeCandy and Glass with these settings
(My standard Glass setting)
Layers Merge/Merge Flatten
or copy and paste onto a solid background
of your choice.
Crop and save.
Lots of options with this motion trail
Using the direction tool you can turn it
to flow from the back too.
Add a tube and do the motion trail on that.
In other words have fun with it!!!
We will enjoy seeing what you make with this.

Main thing is to play around with it and have fun!!
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial

You may link to this tutorial but you must not copy it.

You may print it off to use if you wish.
Any questions please ask at our help desk

Tutorial By Annie©

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