Lesson 10 - Cut Out Effect

Another great effect to learn which gives
great results.
In this lesson we will make a 'Broken Egg' and
give it the 3-D effect with the cut out effect.
Open your PSP
New canvas 500 x 500 Transparent.
Go to your preset tool and choose ellipse
and ensure the 'retain style' box remains unchecked.
Width 0.0
Choose the colour of your egg
Now drag out an oval egg shape.
Go to Layers Merge/Merge Visible.
Go to your eraser tool set the size to 2 or 3
draw a jagged line around the inside of the egg
like below and ensure you finish on the same line
you started with no gaps (continuous)
see below


Now click on your magic wand

Click inside the egg..see below then hit delete
which takes out the centre you dont need.
Go to Selections/Select None
Go to Layers Merge/Merge all Flatten
This adds a white solid background
Go to magic wand again and click on the centre
and then whilst those ants are crawling go to
Effects / 3-D Effects and use these settings click OK
Go to Selections/Select None.
Now go to your layer pallet and right click on the layer
and Promote Background Layer
Back to magic wand and click anywhere outside the egg
and hit delete button on keyboard.
This gets rid of the white background.
If you prefer a white background then leave it.
I like to add a drop shadow on my work and add
a solid background later.
If you want a texture to your egg
click on the coloured part of the egg with the
magic wand then go to Adjust / Noise/Add Noise
Use my settings if you wish
Now your cut out is finished you can add anything you want to the
inside. I just added a rose for effect to show you.
Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial
If you have any questions please go to our Help Desk
Tutorial Written By Annie©

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