Lesson 11 - Pearls & Colour

Two things you will be learning in this tutorial
One is how to make your own pearls
and second how to colourise.
Colourising is adding a tint of another colour to things
Open up your PSP
Save my links to your PC then open them in
Animation Shop. right click and copy
then paste in PSP.
New Canvas 50 x 50 or smaller if you want a tiny pearl.
Go to Effects / Artistic Effects/Balls and Bubbles
If you do not have the pearl preset you can request
it on the help desk
Place in your preset folder. Not preset shapes folder.
Use my settings to ensure you have selected single ball.
and where it says Presets (at the top)choose OK
Bet you are think.."crikey that was easy" and it is!!
Right click on the pearl and copy it then paste as new image
We are going to tint it with another colour
Go to Adjust/Huse Saturation/Colourise
when the box come up you will see the sliders
on the left is the colour choice(Hue) and on the right is the brightness
Have a play with it and choose the colour you want.
I have made mine a pink colour.
Well now you have learned how to colourise something too!!
Cool eh??and presuming you are getting addicted to
PSP like the rest of us!!!
Ok we move on to make a bracelet.
You now have your pearls and the link of your choice
silver or gold
New canvas 500 x 500
Copy your pearl and paste on the new canves as a new layer
(right click and paste as new layer)
Do this with the link too
Its now a matter of building up the bracelet with the pearls
by copy and pasting as new layers on the canvas.
Every pearl and every link is pasted as a new layer
so that you can get the Mover Tool image and move
them around and into place.
Once you have it all in place go to Layers and Merge Visible.
Layer/New Raster Layer
Go to your paintbrush tool and on your colour pallet
make the colour Grey and place dots at the sides of the link
like below
Now we want to make those dots silver so go to
Effects/ Texture Effects/Sculpture
and choose the silver pattern in the box
and my settings as below
Go to Layers/Merge/ Merge Visible
Now you have the option to add your name or text
and then add drop shadow.
If adding drop shadow Layers Merge/Flatten and save
or if no drop shadow and you want it transparent
copy and paste in Animation Shop and save as GIF.
Another fun tutorial by Annie©
Hope you have enjoyed it.
Any questions please ask at our help desk
Page Design & Graphics By Annie©
Tutorial By Annie©

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