Lesson 11 - Beating Heart

You will need both your PSP and AS for this tutorial
Eye Candy /Bevel Boss also required.
New canvas 500 x 500 transparent
Click on your colour pallet and choose a nice red
for the fill. Stroke null.
Go to preset shapes and choose a heart preset
if you do not have one you can request it on help desk.
Ensure restain style is not checked
Drag out the heart shape.
Click on your text tool and like with text on a curve
you can add text around your heart. Thats the best of
working with vectors, it allows text on the shape you are working with.
Once the text is there you will see its created its own layer as
Promoted Selection. Thats fine. I did double text (on each side) so
mine shows as two promoted layers. You can use your mover tool
to push the text wherever you want it.
click in your heart layer (Vector Layer) and right click
on it and covert to Raster Layer.

Go to effects / Plugins/EyeCandy/Bevel Boss as use my settings

Crop around your image
Now go to Layer merge/Merge Visible and save in your
work in progress folder as Heart1
Undo again to show all layers and click on heart layer
again and go to Image/Resize. set to 95% ensure the
resize all layers in NOT checked as you just want to resize the heart
and not everything else.

Go to layers/merge/merge visible.
save as Heart2
Undo again
Click on heart layer and resize to 85%
then merge again and save as heart3.
Over to Animation Shop and click on File/Animation Wizard.
Go through the wizard adding your three hearts as you get to
that section then on to Finish.
Test your animation. If your heart needs slowing down...
like mine does after watching George Clooney on tellyimage
then go to Edit/Select all, right click and click on Frame Properties
and choose a higher number like 15 or 20 which slows it down.
If it needs cropping any more then do so now.
Then save as gif and you are done!!
Hope you remembered to put your watermark on it.
Another fun tut!! Hope you enjoyed it.

Tutorial By Annie©

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