Lesson 12 - Chocolate Bar

Mmmmm... who loves chocolate?
Okay...let's make some!!!
New canvas 500 x 500
Set you background colour/fill to brown

Go to preset shapes
Drag out an oblong to the size you want
Right click on that layer and covert to Raster

Merge Layers Visible.

Go to Effects / Texture Effects - BLOCKS 03
If you do not have this texture download HERE if the link stops working let me know.

Copy my settings below
Now crop around the choc edge to give smooth finish
Copy and paste onto a new canvas 500 x 500
Merge Layers visible.

We now need to add the silver or paper
Go to presets again and choos e white colour
drag out some paper leaving some choc
 Right click on that vector layer and convert to Raster.

Go to Effects /Texture Effects and choose Brush Metal
Size set at 100
Back to preset shapes and drag out another oblong
to be your wrapper. Choose a pattern or plain
I used pink with texture effect Old Paper set at 100

Now click on Eraser Tool and roughen the edge of the silver
paper Like you tore it off....see below
 Merge Layers visible.

Click on eraser tool again and erase out chunks
like you bit off some chunks...yum!!!
 Thats it. Crop around your choc bar and if you want it
transparent background then copy and paste into Animation Shop
and save as gif.
Otherwise flatten layers and save as JPEG  If you are doing this
you can add a drop shadow first if you want.

Hope you enjoyed making chocolate.

Tutorial By Annie©

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