Lesson 12 - Learning About Masks

Learning About Masks
The best way to describe a mask is to show you one.
see below
Masks can create the most wonderful outlines for images
and as you can see its transformed an ordinary picture
into one with great effects.
I am sure you have taken lots of wonderul pictures so open one up
in your PSP ensure its not a big picture when you open it and
if it is resize until when its 100% its about a 500 x 500 image
your image size always shows at the bottom of the program screen
see below. Or flood fill a canvas.
Once thats ready go to Layers Pallet and right click on where it says
background then click on Promote to Background Layer.
Then go to Layers / Load /Load Mask from Disk
Click on the black arrow besides the window
and see what you have
Choose Mask 001 if you have it.
and ensure your settings are the same as mine.
Click OK
now you can see how its transformed your image!!!
Exciting eh???
This is what you should be seeing
Ok go to Layers / Merge Group
this has made it into a raster layer.
If the image is still too big for you to make a tag, feel free
to re-size it. Image /Resize
you can now flood fill another canvas with a blending colour
and add your masked image and your text and save
Oh and if you are enjoying doing those sparkles
why not add a few to it!!!
I added some sunlight to mine by going to Effects/Illumination
Effects /Sunburst.
You can download more Masks
Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial
You may link to this tutorial by you must not copy it
in any way.

Tutorial By Annie©

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