Lesson 13 - Pretty Flower Tag

Pretty Flower Tag
This tutorial will be about all the things you
have learned over the lessons you have done
so far. It will also create a flower for your tubes folder!!
New canvas 300 x 300 transparent
Flood fill with gradient
Landscape Night
Go to Effects / Texture Effects / Blinds
Use my settings and choose the pink colour

Layers / New Raster Layer.
Flood fill with the same pink
Go to Layers / Load Mask/ Load Mask from Disk
Choose Mask 054
This gives you the pink flower
Close off Raster 1 by clicking on the eye
Then click on the top where it says Group Raster.
Layers/ Layers Merge Group
Go to effects and add a drop shadow
Layers /New Raster Layer
Flood fill with white
Now add the Mask again
Mask 054
Go to layer pallet again and shut off the bottom 2

Click on top Group raster and Merge Group again.
now go to Image resize to 75%
and ensure that the resize all layers is unchecked.
We just want to make the white one smaller.

Add a drop shadow again.
Unlock all layers again
You should have this showing now.
Click on Preset Shapes and select the Ellipse
Ensure that the retain style is not checked.and width is set to 0.00
On your materials pallet choose green in the fill
Now drag out a small circle in the middle of the flower
Go to Effects/3-D Effects/Inner Bevel and use
these settings
Add a drop Shadow.
Shut off bottom Layer on Layer pallet again so
that on the canvas all that is showing is the flower
Click on the top one in the layer pallet then go to Layer/Merge
Merge visible.
Right click on the flower and COPY then Paste as new Image
on another section of your PSP screen. This is to save the flower
you just made and to use afterwards.
Back to canvas and unlock all layers that are locked.
Layers Merge/Merge Visible.
Add your name and watermark.
Now you can play around with this tag.
You can resize your flower and add to your tag like I did
and you can add sparkles by clicking the Magic Wand
inside every petal and adding sparkles. Be sure to save as
psp then undo and redo and move the seed slider to re position sparkles
save as psp again and repeat again a third time then go through
Animation Wizard again as shown in previous tutorials.
Save you flower either as a psp image in your tubes folder
or go to File / Export /Picture Tube
name the tube and save. That puts it in the tubes section
in your PSP.
To recolour that flower go to Adjust /Hue Saturation/ Colourise
Choose a colour with the sliders.

Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.
Putting to use all the things you have learned in the past
and maybe learning one or two new things too.
You may link to this tutorials
but it must not be copied or used elsewhere
without my express permission.

Page Design & Graphics By Annie©
Tutorial By Annie©

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