Lesson 15 - Sunburst Effect

In this tutorial I will show you how to
use the Illumination Effect to add sunshine to
a dull picture.
Open up your PSP
Unless you have a picture of your own you wish to
work on, right click and save mine below
and open up in your PSP
If your picture is too big be sure to look
HERE for help on how to re-size it.
Lots of good tips in our PSP Basics section.
This picture was taken outside of my house on a morning
where the dark clouds were rolling in and yet there was a @@@$%
of blue sky just peeping through and waiting for the sun to shine
through it.
Go to Effects/Illumination Effects/Sunburst
Once opened copy my settings and place the sun in an area
of the blue sky you can see. On the settings you will see the
black cross which is the mover tool for moving the sun.
Play with it until you have the sun exactly where you want it.
Then click OK.
Please play around with settings until you want the effect that
suits your image

When that's done all you have to do is add a frame
Image / Picture Frame and choose the one you want
from the selection you have.
Add your copyright if its your picture or add the copyright
of the owner of the picture
Now add your watermark too as you did the work on the tag!!
Now you have finished it go to Layers Merge/Merge all flatten
and save as JPEG
Another great PSP effect!!!
Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.
Page Design & Graphics By Annie©
Tutorial By Annie©

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