Lesson 14 - Mirror Text

Open up your PSP
New canvas 500 x 500 Trasparent
Text tool, choose the Font you prefer and make it
a large size.
I used Rockwell Extra Bold size 48 for this tutorial.
Choose the colour you want, or pattern or gradient.
Type your text. Click OK.
I have added noise to my colour whilst the ants are still
crawling. Selections/Select None.
Right click and copy text then on same canvas
Paste as a New Layer.
Go to Image / Flip
Go to mover tool and place the text under your other text
now click on deform tool

hold down your control key on your keyboard
whilst dragging out toward the left the node,
which angles the text out.
See below
Now go over to your layer pallet and reduce the opacity on that layer
to 58...see below
Go to Layers / Merge/Merge Visible.
Add a drop shadow
Add your name to a solid colour background or
Merge Merge Flatten for solid white.
Crop around your name and save.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and two more things you
have learned. One is mirroring your image/Text and
the other is how to adjust the opacity.
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Tutorial By Annie©

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