Lesson 3 - Charm Bracelet

Here is an easy way to make a nice bracelet chain
and you can add charms or anything to it.
New Canvas 500 x 500 Transparent
On materials palett choose a silver gradient for foreground
and close off your background.
Click on your preset shape tool
Choose the ellipse shape
Here are the settings
Draw out a small circle
Right click on your layer palett and covert to raster
Some may want to bevel their link whereas I left mine as
it was. If you want to bevel it then go to effects/3-D/Inner Bevel.
find one that you like.
When ready we need to put this link into your tubes folder.
so right click on it and COPY.
click anywhere on the screen and paste as new image.
Now go to File/Export /Picture Tube
name your tube where it says: Tube name
Click OK and click on your picture tube tool
and use these settings
The 'Step' determines how close the links are together
so if you want them really really close then choose 15 or less.
Placement and Selection modes are important.
Now use your tube tool like a paintbrush and 'draw' your bracelet
You can add anything you want to your chain bracelet
by adding them in layers and sitting them near the chain.
Or add your charms and 'draw' your chain
where you want it. The option is yours!!!


Don't forget you can make charms with your preset shapes!!
This is what I made with my tubed chain link


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial

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