Lesson 4 - Diamond Text

Open up your PSP and then go to File/Jasc/Animation Shop
and open that too as we need both for this tutorial.
Save the glitter below to your PC and then open it
in Animation Shop.
You will need the Font Chell Chrome Bold
This can be downloaded HERE
If that link does not work please inform us.
Open up the font when you have unzipped it.
New Canvas 500 x 500 Transparent/
Text Tool - Size 48 or 72 depending on the length
of your name.The larger the better.
You can highlight the size and put in any number to be honest,
so if its in between, type in 60
Go to your Material colour pallet and you want the gold
gradient in the Background Fill and null in Stroke
Now type out yout Text
Go to Effects 3-D Effects Inner Bevel and use my settings
Crop around your Text.
Now go to Animation Shop and you should have your
glitter tiles showing in there. There are 3 frames.
Got Edit/Select All
That highlights all the frames in blue
right click on any frame and copy.
Back to PSP and right click and Paste As Multiple Images
This puts the glitter in 3 boxes in your PSP.
Click on the Text canvas you did to make it active
Click on your Magic Wand
Holding down your shift key click in every empty space in
the top of your text see below. This selects them all for filling
Click on your flood fill tool. (The paint pot)
Now go over to your materials colour pallet
and deselct the null and click on the colour to bring
up the selection. You want the Patterns. In there if you scroll
up to the top you will see the three glitters. Start by clicking on the first
one be sure to remember the number of it. Mine says Image11 because
after the first one is used there is a current added and it makes 4 in there
so be sure to use them in correct order. I used Image11 then Image 12
then Image 13
See below.
Pick on your first glitter then go to your text with the ants crawling and
flood fill every space

Go to Selections / Select None (This is known as deselect)
Go to File/ Save As psp image
Save in your 'work in progress' folder so you know
where to find it later for the Animation Wizard.
I saved mine as Glit1/Glit2 andGlit3..image
Now undo all that fill. Yeah I know it takes time huh.
Gotta get quick on the undo tool hahaha
Now back to flood fill and the materials pallet and choose
the second glitter and re-do everything you did above
Remember to deselct and save as psp and undo after
Back to flood fill and use the third glitter
same as above and save as psp and thats it.
All three have been saved.
Go into Animation Shop.
File/Animation Wizard.
Same as you have used it before.
Choose transparent on the first box
and then when you get to the add images box, find the
three you saved one by one then keep clicking next
until it says Finish
Thats it....all done
You can test your glitter is all working by clicking on the
Animation test icon.image
You can do your text in any colour. I did one here
in Silver.

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