Lesson 3 - Cross Stitch

Supplies you will need
click to save
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Cross Stitch Font

Pansy (gif-open in AS)
right click and save

Open up your PSP
New Canvas 300 x 300 Transparent.
Flood fill with white
Go to Effects / Texture Effects/Weave
Use my settings below then click OK
We now have the base for the cross stitch.
Layer / New raster Layer
Click on your Text Tool and find your Korsstygnl text
and type out 14 lines putting a gap between each one
then click OK Selections/Select None
right click and copy that line then paste as new layer.
Click on your mover tool and place those lines one near the top
and one near the bottom.
New Raster Layer
this time type 12 lines Selections/Select None
Go to image / Rotate/Free Rotate
copy my settings

you now have a vertical line of stitches. Right click on it and copy
then paste as new layer. Potition those stitches on either side like below

Once you are happy with the position of the stitches go to
Layers/Merge/Merge Visible.
Layer/New Raster Layer
Click on the Text tool again. This time type
whatever you want on your embroidery canvas.
Add your needle tube like above and click on your
paintbrush tool and set the size to 2 and the colour to
match the text.
Very carefully add some thread like mine above
Now we want to add the pansy or your own image but
we want it to look 'stitched' so Layer New Layer
and add your image then go to Effects/Texture Effects/Weave
again and use my settings below or use a colour you want
to blend with your own image. Then click OK
Layers Merge / Merge visible.
You now need to frame your needlework!!
Go to Image / Picture Frame and choose one to suit
your work.
Add your watermark and if you have used a copyright image
then add the credit required.
All done!!!
Just save your work.
I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial

Tutorial By Annie©

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