Lesson 4 - Plugins & Filters

Using Plugins and Filters.
You can have so much fun playing
with plugins and filters.

First of all your system needs the following
msvcrt.dll and sometimes plugin.dll
For your plugins to work you really need these.
You can find them in Google Search Engine

So save them as follows in these places :-
C:\Windows\System - for windows 98 or ME
C:\Windows\System32 - for windows 2000 or XP
If you use anything other than C drive then put
them in the one you use.

If you have Vista you will need them in 2 places
Windows System 32
Windows system

Now you need to download a plugin
save it to your desktop for now.
Go to My Computer/Documents and make a new
folder and call it Vizros.
Now drag the Vizros from your desktop into your
Vizros folder.
Open up your PSP and go to File /Preferences/File Locations
Once the box opens click on plugins

Now click ADD
then Browse

find your Vizros folder and double click on it and
it will be added. Click OK
Now in your PSP open up a new canvas
then go to Effect /Plugins and you should be
able to see your new plugin.

 Once you see it in your plugins you may need to register it.
Open new canvas
Go to effects/plugins/Vizros
and in the fly-out you will see REGISTER at the bottom
click on that and the number to place in it
which is a free one from the Vizros site.
The demo only last for 30 days.
Here is their website.
Great plugin to buy and use.

Continue on now to Lesson 5 and you can
make use of this new plugin.
All plugins are put in the same so everytime you
download a new one, make a folder for it
and load the same way.
Any questions please ask at our help desk

Tutorial By Annie©

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