Lesson 7 - Water Reflect

or this tutorial you will need the plugin Almathera
and you can get it HERE
You will need to have a picture that has water in it too.
If you want one to practice on you can use mine
which was taken in Bodnant Gardens in Wales during my holiday.
The water was very still on a very hot day so we are going to
make it ripple.

Open up your PSP and your picture.
Click on the Freehand(Lasso) tool
We are going to draw around the outer edge of the pond
with the tool holding down the left mouse
being very careful not to let go until we meet
up with it again at the other side.
See below
Go to Selections / Modify/Feather and set at 4 click OK
whilst those ants are still moving go to Effects/Plugins/Almathera/A Puddle
Use these settings
click OK and then go to Selections/Select none.
Go to file and save as puddle1 in your work in progress
folder as a psp image.
Back to the picture and undo the puddle effect but keep
the marching ants. Click on your plugin again
and this time set your Scale to 25
Selections/Select None
and save as Puddle2 as psp image
Repeat this again but set the Scale to 30 and save
as before but as Puddle3
Over to Animation Shop and go to File/Animation Wizard.
Click NEXT until you reach the place to add your three
puddle images. puddle 1 / 2 and 3
then click NEXT again until FINISH
Test your animation.
If the water is moving too fast you can slow it down.
Go to Edit/Select All
Right click on the image and click on Frame Properties
and set the speed to 20 the higher the amount the slower the animation.
Thats it you are all finished.
Do remember that if you want to add text to your picture
do it in PSP copy and paste it over to Animation Shop
and duplicate the fame to make 3 frames
Go to Edit /Select All Copy then back to Image and Edit/Select All
again and Paste into Selected Frame
All done.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Tutorial By Annie©

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