Lesson 6 - Rain Tutorial

Yes we have a bad rainstorm blowing over
the Menai Bridge in North Wales!!!
I took a lovely picture during my holiday and now look
what I did too it!! hahaha

Ok you need a picture to work on.
Here is mine if you don't have one. Right click and save to your
own PC.
See its nice and overcast...just waiting for rain!!!
Open up the image in PSP
If you are using your own, resize until its smaller like mine.
~ Layer New Raster Layer ~
Click on your Airbrush Tool. Thats in the same place as
your paintbrush but in the flyout.
Ensure your settings are the same as mine
Set your colour to White
Now click over your picture with it. Yes I looks like snow lol
Now go to Adjust / Blur / Motion Blur
Settings the same as below

Oooh its turned to rain lol
Ok now go to Layers/Merge/Visible
File/Save as Rain1 in your 'work in progress' folder
as a psp image.
Back to the picture and undo all the snow until you are back
to the bare image. Still working on the New Layer
Always have the actual image at the bottom. If you did not
work on that New Layer it would blur your image too and not just
the snow.
Ok click on airbrush again and click in different places on the image
Motion blur it again and merge layers again and save as Rain2
Undo it all and redo again clicking the snow again in different places.
repeat the same process and save as Rain3.
Now go to Animation Shop and open the Animation Wizard.
work you way through the wizard clicking NEXT until you get to
the part to upload your 3 images. Find your Rain 1 then 2 then 3
uploading each in turn then click NEXT until FINISH.

Click on the animation tester image7 and see your rain!!!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial

Page Design & Graphics By Annie©
Tutorial By Annie©

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