Lesson 8 - Mosaic Effect

When you first start learning PSP you see others
posting images that have wonderful effects to them
Many use plugins/filters that you will learn about later
but for now you will find that your PSP have lots of wonderful
effects there ready to play with.
One of these is the Mosaic effect.
Open up a new canvas
400 x 400
Go to your tubes file and find a nice tube
that you want for your image and add that
to your canvas.
Now go to Effects/Texture Effects/Mosaic Antique
Use my settings below
Now go to Layers Add new Raster Layer
Add your tube again on top and place it slightly to the right
of the mosaic image
Go to Effects/3-D Effects /Drop Shadow
see below then click OK
Go to Layers Merge/Merge All Flatten
Crop around your image and add a border or frame
I added a border then clicked in with magic wand
and went to Effects/3_D Effects and did an Inner Bevel.
Now you can add your text and copyright info to your tag
then go to File/SaveAs/JPEG
Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial
Tutorial Written By Annie©

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