Lesson 7 - Preset Shapes

Preset shapes can be used for so many things
here I will show you the concept of them
and what can be done.
Open up your PSP
I use PSP8 so if you have different version and need
help with tools, post a question on the Help Desk.
New Canvas 400 x 400
Open up an image from your file that you would like
to see filled in this shape.Ensure its resized small.
Click on your Preset Tool
Your settings at the top ensure that they are the same as mine
keeping that top box unchecked as you do not want to retain style.
Now if you have this preset 'Star 4 ' in your selection box
choose that or another star that you have.
Now go to your colour materials pallet and choose white to fill
and a nice gradient in the top one see below
Now drag out the star across your canvas ...see below
Once you have it as large as you want it go to
Layers merge / Merge visible
Now go your magic wand and click on the white area
and whilst the ants are still crawling, go to your image
and copy it. Then back to the star, right click and
paste into selection.
This puts your image inside the star.(thats why the image needs
to be small then it does not distord too much.
Go to Selections/Select None
You need to add your text and copyright.
You can merge layers and flatten or if you want it transparent
background copy it and paste into Animations Shop
and save as a gif there.
Remember that PSP is all about trying new things.
With this one you can add whatever you want in a preset shape.
If you look at the top banner I put the magic wand on the white,
went to Effects 3-D Effects and did Inner bevel.
Mess around with effects and have fun!!!
Hope you have enjoyed the Tutorial and have learnt
a little bit more about PSP
~Tutorial Written By Annie©~
Must not be copied or used without my permission.

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