Seamless Background from Image

Sometimes its good to be able to take something
from an image and use it as a background
Here we show you how to do that and create a
seamless finish. Great for frame making to match
your image.

Find an image you want to use and open in PSP.

You now have 2 options here. you can either
use the crop tool to cut out a section or if you
want a specific bit of it then you need the freehand tool

Freehand first. Click on the selection too freehand
now with a steady hand draw around the item you want to
take out. Be sure to take the freehand tool all the way
around and meet where you started from.

Right click and COPY
Then paste as new image

Now go to Layers/Merge/Flatten which
will add a white behind it. If you want
a different colour then you need to floodfill a canvas
and paste and a new layer on it. then crop around it
and merge layers.
On your layer pallet it need to be either Raster or if it just says
Background then right click and promote to Background Layer

Go to Effectts / 3-D Effects / Image Effects/ Seamless Tiling
Use my settings

Now you have your seamless Tile.
This will show in your pattern folder to use as a flood fill
Now Using crop tool option

Crop around the part of the image you want
ensure your layer is raster or background layer

Again use the settings for the Effects/Image Effects.

Save and you can open in PSP any time for it to show in
your patterns folder for flood filling
Tutorial By Annie
Copyright 2009

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