Lamb Tutorial

How to make your own sheep!!

Open PSP and canvas 500 x 500

Click on your paintbrush and ensure your settings are the same as mine
click on your materials and set the foreground to black
now blob your black on the canvas sheep shape.
Now click on materials and change to white and again
spot all over the black
Now click on the Preset tool and choose the ellipse, Retain style unchecked.
ensuring you have the line width set to 1 colour black
in materials foreground and white in background
Drag out an oval shape for the head. Use the little red mover bar
to turn it to an angle. see below
Push this layer under your fur layer so you can move
the head under the fur.
 convert the head layer to Raster Layer
Now we want to add eyes mouth and legs.
New raster layer
click on paintbrush and use these settings
ize 6 and black colour in foreground box

now draw a mouth and eyes and ear on side of fur.

Layers merge merge visible

Layer new rater layer
thicken the paintbrush and draw legs
Using mover tool push legs up under fur
Thats it!!! you now have your own draen lamb!!
Your own work of art!! baaaaaaa noneimage
I used the lawn tube in the tube selections in PSP
I dedicate this tutorial to Mo who loves lambies!!!

Written and created by Annie
Copyright 2009

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