Super Blade Pro Tut

Flaming Pear / Super Blade Pro
Its a fantastic plugin fur using in your
Paint Shop Pro.
Gives fantastic colours and textures to your Text and Frames
or anything you want to make with it.
Click Here to buy or try the free Trial Download HERE
Once its in your plugins here is how to use it.
New canvas 500 x 500 transparent.
Click on your Text tool and choose a fat font.
Create as Floating and not Vector
I used Bellbottom
Keep the ants crawling and dont de select
we need the text activated for the SBP
Got to Effects/Plugins/Flaming Pear/SBP
See below what to click on next to find the textures
Also the boxes you see below with arrows can also
do the same thing. You can change the environment
and the colour texture
Choose a texture. If it asks you to find the file click
Yes and find the one you want then click OK
If you want different finishes to your SBP then click on the
bos shown below with arrow, this shows all the
different effects from smooth to different fibres.
Main thing is don't be afraid to play around with different settings
You will now have your SBP Text done!!
If you want to do a frame then go to Image/Add Border
Use any width you want for your frame.
Click on the magic wand and click on frame
keep ants moving keep selected.
Go to your plugins and choose SBP again and find the
SBP texture you want.
Click ok and de select and thats it!!!
Any questions just ask at the help desk.
Here it shows you the Text and Frame with SBP
Tutorial by Annie©

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