Blinkie Tutorial

In this tutorial I am going to show you a really easy
way to make a blinkie.
Open up a canvas 400 x 400 Transparent.
Set your colours on the material pallet.
Foreground for the colour of your choice
and background White.
Click on your preset tool and choose the rectangle.
Settings below.
Line style solid and line width 2.0
Okay drag out a rectangle to the size you want your blinkie
to be.
Now right click on that Vector layer and convert to Raster
Do the same again making another box inside it
and then again covert to Raster Layer
It should look like this
Go to Layers and merge visible
Right click on the box and copy then Paste into Animation Shop
Right click on the box in AS and duplicate
Right Click on Frame one and export to PSP
Now go to View/ Change grid guide properties
and when the box comes up use my settings or alter to suit
your blinkie if its smaller.
Now go back to VIEW / GRID
You will now have a lot of little grey boxes
Use your mover tool and place the blinkie box where the
grid can help you place the dots.
This is were your grid change settings come in.Dont be
afraid to click on it and change them. Play around with it.
Now click on your paintbrush and choose the square.
and a colour you want and the size to suit your boxes.
I used size 12
Now starting in the first square click in every other box
and go all the way around.
Click on the X to return it to Animation shop
and when its back click on frame 2 and export
that to PSP and dot alternately in every other square.
Return again to AS when done and your blinkie is
Click on the animation tester and if its too fast, go
to edit/Select all and right click and go to
Frame properties and increase the number to 15 or more.
Easy isnt it?
Hope you had fun.
Remember the more you do it the better you will get!!!
Make them as big or as small as you want!!

Tutorial by Annie

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